Fantasy Football with Jesse and the Rippers


our fantasy football draft was last week, since everyone else in the blog world thought it would be cool to tell everyone their rosters, i'll do the on my friends

ok,so the draft was last week. i joined in via ichat with my brother, who also is in the same league. he was giving me the play by play, then all of a sudden he reveals to me that i have recieved the first pick. then for some reason i became a lot more serious about fantasy football, it was weird. i'm not gonna lie to ya, i feel like i have a decent team. not the best maybe, but a team that should make it into the playoffs i would think. a lot of people who do fantasy football tend to do a ton of 'homework', as philip told me last week. but you see, bg does not do no no...i didnt do much homework throughout my career as a student in school, i dont need to start now with fantasy football. i pull up on espn and yahoo the list of players available, and i pick away. no homework, no research, just pick em. and believe it or not, i will probably be even with, or maybe even beat the people who spend countless hours doing "homework".
by the way, speaking of philip i need to say this. He sent me a message on ichat, asked me who i was going to take for my 1st pick, i told him LT(went with LT over stephen jackson, we'll see how that goes). What did Philip say? He proceeded to tell me that LT had broken his foot yesterday, and that i made a really stupid pick. (keep in mind, i dont do my fantasy ftbll 'homework', so i totally believed him). so i got mad b/c i wouldve thought that friendship would trump fantasy football, and that he would have warned me about the broken foot of LT...then after searching ESPN frantically, I figured out that he lied to me, in order to better his chances of getting LT. So what is the point of that story you ask? I dont really know to be honest. It should be a fun year in fantasy football.

Roster for 'Jesse and the Rippers':
QB - Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger
RB - Ladainian Tomlinson and Deshaun Foster and Fred Taylor
WR - Chad Johnson and Braylon Edwards and Devery Henderson and Isaac Bruce
TE - Jeremy Shockey and Marcus Pollard
Defense - New England and Dallas
K- Robbie Gould and David Akers

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