football anyone?


On a side note: My fantasy football team did much better this week. I am pretty much dominating my opponent this week, and I still have my quarterback to play tonight. This is a good thing in case you're wondering..I know some out there think the whole fantasy football thing is stupid and a waste of time...and in some regards that may be true. However, I didnt like it all when I signed up last year, but it really is kind of fun. Soooo....Do It.

On the college level, USC lost to LSU. LSU is just sick. I mean there is no way that those guys can be in college. In all serious though, they have a great team..there defense is fast, even the 300 lb guys can run fast. I feel like there were some stupid decisions made on the part of our team (hindsight is 20/20 right?). I still think we did better than most would expect, and its only one goes on. Clemson won, which is ok. I'm not a Clemson hater, but I dont necessarily pull for them to win. I do think that the ACC is not a strong conference in football..there might be a few decent teams, but not many. Oh well....

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