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Last night, like I posted yesterday, we got to play at an outdoor youth event. I think it was like a see you at the pole rally type thing. although, maybe its the fact that I havent been in high school in like 6 years, but it seems like the whole 'See You at the Pole' thing has fizzled(cool word, eh?). Like I said, I could totally be wrong, but I just remember when I was in HS, it was like the big "christian" event of the year. I was definitely one of those kids that would go to..."The Pole"....with all my youth group friends. I would be the one standing there, and the only prayer I would be praying is....Lord, please do not let them call on me to pray out loud. I mean come on, I know some of you had to be in that same boat, lets take of our Super Spiritual Man caps and get real. I mean how many of us were like the kid who would try to bury himself in the mass of students around the flagpole so that none of his friends would be able to spot him. (ok, let me put a disclaimer in right now...I am not bashing See You at the Pole, only expressing a few thoughts that have ran across my mind. I TRULY believe that there are students who GENUINELY go to that pole to lift up their schools and really believe in the power of Jesus to change the lives of their peers and their schools). I dont really have some expert analysis on the whole thing, just saying that I believe its not as big of a thing as it used to be and I'm wondering why and what are some other ways that students in their respective schools could share the love of Christ in their schools? And I'm just throwing it out their and maybe some of you who read it could throw some thoughts my way on it.

Ok, so I dont really know how I got on that trail. I guess thats what a blog is for though. So we had a great time last night, even though the event started at 6:30, and I think the sound system began working at like 6:15, but thats usually how things go. Despite all of that, I do believe the Lord met us last night. It was great to see people from across the street looking over at several hundred worshippers journeying with each other towards the heart of God. I'm sure thats not something they see every day coming out of Zaxby's. Despite all the distractions that were around us, we had a great evening of worship under the beautiful sunset sky last night. Its amazing to be able to just stare up in the sky when singing, it really makes you sing some of those songs with a whole new perspective and mindset.

Set List for SYATP:
Happy Day
Marvelous Light
Everlasting God
Mighty to Save
Hallelujah, Our God Reigns
Jesus Paid it All
Salvation is Here

Hope everyone has a great day!


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Sounds like a great set. I know if i were in Greenville, SC last night, i'd been there

that was me. i didn't want any of my "non Christian" friends knowing i was there. pretty sad. good blog man...i love the insight on something that i haven't thought about in years.