Let me guess, most who read the title to this blog probably thought that I would be discussing the new album by David Crowder Band called Remedy. However, this is not the case. In fact, I had quite an interesting journey yesterday, and I would love for you to re-visit this journey with me.

Yesterday all was good. I was coming off of a great night of leading worship(Wed. night) with an awesome band behind me. Things were cruising. My boss asked me if I would go to his house with him for a few minutes to move/cut some limbs he had cut down. He's my boss, there isnt a yes or no, there is just a yes sir and I do what he wants me to. So as we are moving these limbs, I feel a little sting/sharp pain on my ankle. Me being the macho man that I would like think am, I toughed it out. I thought it was like a briar stuck on my jeans jabbing me in the foot. forward about 15-20 minutes. We arrive back at my workplace. I started feeling a little shaky, you know like when you hold your cup of water and your hand is shaking, and you arent controlling it. So, I thought maybe I should look at my foot. What wass there you ask? Well, thanks for asking, let me tell you what was there. A huge bite of some sort, that was probably an inch in diameter and was all puffed up. So I was like..hhmmm, benadryl time. We didnt have any at work, so I started driving to the gas station when all the sudden I started just getting this tingly feeling all over, nauseous, dry mouth, and it became a little tougher to get that big breath. Not good! So I called my wife, she is a nurse, and she did a great job of telling me that those were not good signs and that I should find an urgent care center quickly. I have no clue where one of these urgent centers might be. So I head to the hospital which is about 10 minutes away. Now, something you must understand people. I have never, ever been to the emergency room. In all my years of growing up playing sports of all sorts and doing stupid things as a teenager, I've never gotten seriously hurt. So for me to make the decision to go to the ER is a pretty big decision. It was like I knew something was wrong with my body, and it didnt matter how much it cost, I wanted help.

So I walk in to the ER, and there are two elderly women at the desk. Not a good sign. I knew I was in for a long day. I told one of the ladies, after she finally realized I was standing at the desk, what my issue was. I told her that I was short of breath and felt very nauseous. I tried to enunciate those words so she would get the picture. I go sit down, there are a ton of people, I thought I would die in the ER of Greenville Hospital. So after a few minutes, I wanted to give that elderly woman another hint that I wasnt kidding about my shortness of breath. As I walked back to my seat, they called me back. That was a blessing. I thought about giving them a hug, but there was a security guard next to them.

So anyways, I'll make the rest of the story short, even though I spent about 3 hours in the room. I didnt know what bit me, maybe a fire ant, probably a spider of some sorts. They basically gave me some medicine and steroids of some sort and they kept me in there to monitor the medicine and make sure my sugar levels were back up. When I was leaving the nurses told me that I had much better color to my skin(um..ok). There were several other things that took place as far as all that goes, treatments and stuff, but as I'm typing this write now I'm realizing how boring this story must I'll just stop. Everything seems to be ok, I'm super tired and just kind of out of it today here at work as I type this, I guess it was the medicine they gave me or something. It feels good to be alive today.

So, if you've made it this far in my blog today, congrats! You get a cookie.

Maybe I'll type something more interesting later.

Have a great morning.


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I'm really glad you're okay B :)