Spartanburg BCM last week


Last night I had the privilege of playing for the Spartanburg BCM...

It was a ton of fun. They meet @ The Hangar. Which is pretty much the most amazing student center I've ever seen. Those students are truly blessed to have such a great meeting place. Maybe I can post some pics in the near future from last night, we'll see. I also was able to meet some great people. A couple of guys from the BCM leadership team, Jordan and Will, joined me on stage last night for a little acoustic set. It went great. Sometimes its refreshing to break away from the full band and simplify things. So it went well.
Here is the set from last night:
Salvation is Here
Mighty to Save
Jesus Paid it All
Everlasting God
Marvelous Light

////on a side note////fantasy football didnt go so well for 'Jesse and the Rippers' last night. I felt confident, and maybe that was my first problem(pride comes before the fall right?)...I have the number two ranked QB in fantasy preseason. Number one being of course Peyton Manning, number two being Drew Brees. Well, yea, Drew was horrible last night, the Colts defense was great last night...and of course Peyton absolutely did his thing. We'll see how the rest of the weekend will pan out.

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