thought i'd post some thoughts tonight...

For some reason, right now, I'm into just posting thoughts and so forth. For me, when I read other peoples blogs I'm into reading about what they are doing and whats going on in their world. I like the deep, insightful posts...just not all the time. Anyways, tonight here are some thoughts, enjoy:

-I might start a "real" blog soon, instead of doing it solely on my virb page. not sure yet, but I'll let ya know. anyone know how to set up those "real" blogs? email me HERE.

-didnt have such a great fantasy football weekend. maybe this week will be better.

-i ordered a new guitar pedal tonight, I'm pretty excited...I got a Boss DD-20 Gigadelay. Should be a great addition.

-Carolina finally beat Georgia "between the hedges" as they like to call it. My wife is a huge Georgia fan, needless to say she recieved a phone call right after the game.

-led worship in pigeon forge this past weekend. got to ride with Jay and it was a ton of fun. Jay spoke at the retreat, and really did a great job talking about identity. He used Ephesians 2, check it out.-i'm drinking a coffee frapp from starbucks....oh yea, good stuff.

-Newspring Church in Anderson baptized 562 people this past Saturday. Incredible. And it was a huge celebration with tailgating and all. Like I said, Incredible. Check out Tony Morgan's site to see pics and info on it.

well, thats all for now. have a great monday night.

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