Another Friday


Hey everybody, hope you have had an awesome week. Mine has been pretty busy, but a lot of fun. Here are some thoughts today...

-It is raining outside, and I love it. I know you do too.

-last night I went to Sonago, which is BCM of Spartanburg, headed up by Tracy Turner. Incredible man, with an incredible heart for college students. They meet at the Hangar. As you can see, its just a tiny little place where students meet every week. hmm... My good friend David Walker led worship. Awesome.

-We had practice on Wed. for CRCC, and the set is going to be really great this week. We're playing a Phil Wickham song, and it is so sweet. So come hang out with us.

-Catalyst Church, a North Point Strategic Partner, meets here in G-ville. I read about their Baptism that took place last night and it sounded incredible. I've been blessed to be able to hang out with those guys some, and I really believe the Lord will use them to do great things for the city of Greenville.

-USF lost last night...umm..we all knew it was coming, they are not a number 2 team. They are good, but not that good. sorry.

-I finally get to hang out with my wife some. She has had to work 3 nights straight this week at the hospital. She's a trooper though, she doesnt complain. My kind of woman.

-House stuff is coming along. We are set to close on Oct. 31. And whats scary is, that is not that far away. But we are super excited.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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