I mentioned it a while back, and I mentioned it this week. In case you havent done so already, you need to go buy this dudes cd right now. I was introduced to Phil Wickham I guess sometime last year, and saw his cd for like 6.99 somewhere, so I picked it up. I could not put it away. It was amazing. His vocals are insanely awesome, and more importantly his songwriting and lyrics are amazing. I've seen a couple videos of Phil Wickham, and the dude is crazy in love with Jesus and crazy in love with the Word of God. You owe it to yourself to buy his new cd. So, click on itunes, click on itunes store, search for Phil Wickham, click buy this cd, enjoy. (i guess i could have posted a link, but that was much more fun).

Wait a minute, what is this? A video of Phil playing a new song off his cd? And you know this!

Watch and be blessed!


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i respect anyone who does dadgad tuning. this guy is incredible.