iphones and porting?


So...I have been very patient. The iphone comes out, its sweet and I like it a lot. Just a great product with great features, but it wasnt one of those things I had to have right when it came out. Usually its good to wait on stuff like that b/c something will go wrong or in the iphones case, the price will drop a few hundred dollars. Waiting is a good thing i think.

Last night, as I'm doing a little research on the phone and just reading about its features...I learn about this little thing called Porting. You see, one of my setbacks of getting an iphone(at&t) was the fact that I've had my cell number(verizon) since I was 16 yrs. old. It would have been a pain to change my number after having the same one for the past 8yrs. However, last night I learned there is this feature called Porting, which some you probably know about I'm sure, and basically I can take my phone number(even though its a Verizon phone/phone number)and transfer it to the iphone(once again, a different carrier). To summarize all the jibberish, I can get an iphone(even though its on a different carrier) and still use my cell number that I've had all these years. Amazing.

No, I'm not going out and buying a new iphone....................yet. I will continue to be patient and contempt with what I have. Santa, wherever you are my friend, I hope you're reading my blog and taking notes.


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