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Sorry for the slow blogging week. This week has been kinda crazy, so its been hard to get some thoughts together for a decent blog. Long story made short, Megan and I have put a contract on a house in the Simpsonville area. Crazy stuff let me tell you. Its a "For Sale By Owner", so basically all the stuff that the realitor normally takes care of, we're having to do that. Make a ton of phone calls, make sure this and that are lined up. In the midst of the craziness, we are super excited. Living in a nice apartment was fun. Its a cool atmosphere, and our apartment overlooked the pool and all, which made it even cooler. And the best part was we were able to use the wireless internet coming from the clubhouse, which saved us $40 a month. shhhhh...dont tell anyone. But I wont miss being up on the 3rd floor. I wont have to carry my 80lb VoxAC30 up and down, or make several trips when it comes to getting gear up and down. YES! Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted, just keep checking back.

Random story: Went to starbucks last night with Megan. Got the normal Caramel Macchiato, extra hot(b/c they get cold too quickly). I get the cup off the counter, and it feels like I'm just picking up a cup, with no drink in it. I give Megan this weird look, which lets her know something is not alright. I proceed to the condiments table, take the lid off, get a straw, and pull back the whip cream(which is conveniently all the way at the top of the cup, a little deceiving), and wouldnt you know it the drink itself only fills up like 1/2-3/4 of the cup, and the rest is whip cream. So I then go back to counter, and promise the guy first off that I'm not trying to be a pain in the butt, but was curious as to why the drink was only half full. He told me that is how it is supposed to be, its supposed to be only 3/4 full. Being as nice as I could sort of, I said, " no, no when i pay $4 for a cup of coffee, i would like it to fill my cup up." In my head I'm thinking, there is no way I paid $4 for a 3/4 cup of coffee. And actually, as was the case last night, if you bring it up to Starbucks, they will fix it. Maybe not with a smile alwasy, but they get you another drink. So she made me a new cup of coffee, all the way to the top might I add, and let me keep the other one. Sweetness. Sorry for that random story.

If you've come seeking spirtual lessons, I dont necessarily have a devotional or sermon for you, but I can tell you what I'm studying and wrestling with right now. I'm really being stretched when it comes to leading worship. This is coming from being a part of the band at CRCC. And it has nothing to do with being what people think are the two categories of leading worship a) traditional, wrapped up in the history and the heritage of faith, which is cool if thats what you're led to do b)being relevant to the people, trying to become something or do it in certain way to get on peoples level. It has more to do with using the measure of faith that the Lord has given me, and being led by the Spirit to create a culture of faith around us. If this paragraph made no sense to you, then thats good...b/c really its just some stuff I'm wrestling with and asking the Lord to help show me what it means to bea worship leader, and those of you who know me know that I jumble words easily, and it takes me a while to process things. I'll keep posting as I continue to learn and maybe it will all come together to make a complete thought. If you wanna add anything, then speak up in the comment section.

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