Kid Nation...what?


So I dont know if it was just because I had too much time on my hands last night, or the fact that there is nothing on tv on wednesday nights. i sat down, with dinner in my hand prepared by my wonderful wife. I had just gotten home from church, and was wanting to just sit, eat, relax, watch some tv. After looking through all my channels, there was absolutely nothing on. Then, as I'm on CBS, a show is about to come on. What is it? Its called Kid Nation. Have you heard? So, not wanting my food to get cold, I left it After 15 or 20 minutes, I wouldnt say that we were hooked, but we were beginning to understand some of the characters on the show and understand what they were doing. Its a show about 40 kids, who basically live together. They have leaders of the "community". The big thing is there are no adults. Yes, we watched the whole show. I did learn a few things. Number one...there are some kids on their that I would have been ashamed of if I was there parents. I'm talking spoiled brats. The kind that dont like to work, but like all the work to be done for them. Number two....because of number one, our future could be really scary lol, bunch of punk kids. Number three...there is some hope, b/c some ofthe kids dont mind getting their hands dirty and doing some work. Number four...I'm never watching that show again. peace.


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