For some reason, a couple years ago I began watching this show called Miami Ink. It was about a few guys who had opened a tattoo shop in Miami. It was on the TLC channel, so I'm assuming they wanted to be artsy and air a tattoo show. Well, this show turned into a pretty big hit. I watched it a good bit and for some reason it was fun to watch. Maybe it was because I actually got to hear the stories behind the tattoos, which takes them to a whole different level. Its amazing to hear the life stories, and its also amazing at how people can cope with difficulties in life and store memories with tattoos.

Basically, long story short, one of the ladies that worked at Miami Ink got fired or something, and basically went to LA to start her own tattoo shop called High Voltage Tattoo, or LA INK as we know it. Its a lot of fun to watch. Megan and I usually try to catch it on TLC every week. You should too.

I was reading Rich's blog this morning and he was talking about it. YOu see, there is this guy who I have never met, but has a very awesome blog that I started reading a few months back, and is one of those guys you'd love to just sit in Starbucks and hang out with for a few hours. He just moved from California to Atlanta to work at Buckhead Church. His name is Carlos Whitakker, and you can check out his blog HERE! Why do I mention Carlos? Because he went on LA INK, and made it through the screening process, to get tattooed on the show. And come to find out, the episode that he will be on will be on tonight. So you need to watch it, b/c his tattoo that he got is pretty sweet, and once again, the story behind the tattoo is amazing.

So tonight, at 10:00 PM eastern time, tune to TLC, and check it out.

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