Monday Morning Thoughts


Today is Monday. I have some thoughts. I will share them with you. Please read them.

-Have you checked out my previous post? If not, scroll down and click play. That junk will make you laugh...for a second or two.
-Yesterday at CRCC was amazing. Chris Brooks, from Wayfarer Ministries spoke. The time of worshipping through song was crazy awesome. Our conversations backstage and before and in between the services have become a lot more focused on prayer and intercession. Those conversations bring us closer together as a band as well. And when you walk out on stage, having prayed for each other and for everyone in the room, it just seems like things go up another level when it comes time to play. Dont know if any of that makes sense, I"m still processing things.
-I was supposed to go to the Catalyst Conference this week, but it doesnt look like I'll be able to make it due to work. I am thankful for my job, but sometimes it gets old. Anyone need a worship leader? hahaahahahahahahahhaaaaaa just kidding...sort of.
-God's timing is so perfect, I'm really trusting in that right now.
-Gamecocks won this past weekend which is a good thing.
-I think I might have some tickets for the Kentucky game this week. It took me a second to realize this morning that Kentucky is actually #8 in nation. So this might be a pretty good game. Plus, night games on ESPN are always fun.
-I love this cooler weather. I like the summer unlike a lot of people, but this weather is quite nice as well.
-I think I'm getting too much into this fantasy football stuff. I dont know why it is so fun, but it is. Maybe its the competitive side of me or something. For instance, here is how I know that I'm way too into it. Yesterday a player on the Bucs got injured, their starting running back to be exact. Normally, this would mean nothing. But in the fantasy world, it means everything. You see, when the starting running back gets carted off the field, thats usually a good indication that he aint coming back anytime soon. So, this means that someone will have to take his place. So I immediately start doing some searching, figure out who his replacement is, and pick him up on my team. Pretty smart, eh?
-New Phil Wickham cd comes out tomorrow. Sweet.
-I might have some BIG news coming up soon, so stay posted!

Change is coming.


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