monday thoughts


Some thoughts for today, including the weekend:

-I got the opportunity to lead worship this past Sunday for Metamorphosis Church. Its a church plant here in G-ville located at Greenville Tech. Considering this is the first "pre-launch" service, and that they wont even "launch" until January, I'd say things went really well. They really strive for excellence and the volunteers are incredible. So it was fun being apart of their fellowship yesterday.

-PS-Not that this has any spiritual meaning at all, but they definitely brewed 3 different kinds of Starbucks coffee in the lobby for church...awesomeness.

-Megan and I are moving this week. Exciting stuff. Its such a pain to change addresses and try to remember every thing that we get mail from. Oh well.

-My parents came over to the apt last night to help pack up some stuff. It was some good hang out time.

-SC lost this weekend. Bummer.

-Fantasy Football victory this weekend. Awesomeness.

-Speaking of FF, I think I have a pretty good team talent wise. And some guy just accepted a trade offer from me. I think I got the better deal on it. He gets Jeremy Shockey(TE) and Deshaun Foster (RB). I get Heath Miller(TE) and Andre Johnson(WR)--Andre Johnson is injured but is about to return, and Heath Miller gets touchdowns. I think I won that one.

-I need/want a new job. Anyone know of anything out there? I'm thankful for my job now, but its getting old and frustrating.


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