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Yesterday I played at CRCC again. Incredible. I'm not even going to try to do it justice here on this silly blog. Bottom line, if you're in the Greenville area, you need to come hang out with us. Yesterday David did an incredible job of helping us as a band to understand our roles on stage, and to really help us place our hearts in the right place. I'm so thankful for his leadership. Most of the time, when it comes to bands leading worship and all, most bands(and I'm guilty of this as well) just say a little quick prayer and walk on stage and "go for it". While that may be ok in some regards, I really believe that its so much more than that, and its so CRUCIAL to be in the right frame of mind, and to align our hearts with the Father's. And David, out of the overflow of his walk with the Lord, does a great job of facilitating that with the band. We are able to spend time walking around the sanctuary just praying over the empty chairs before people even step foot in the doors, and spend time in our back room just praying as a band.

I say all that to say this. Yesterday David read us a passage out of Matthew 25. Talking about the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Go read the passage now, then come back. My good friend, Rich Butler from CRCC, had a post on this very passage, that I'll use some stuff from b/c he says it much better than I can. Check out his blog HERE!

Here is what Rich says in his blog:
Few thoughts:

10 virgins (Bridesmaids) all awaiting the BrideGroom.
* 5 were wise (had enough oil to keep their lamps burning)
* 5 were unwise (had only a little oil and their lamps began to flicker out)

Oil= intimacy with the Lord
Lamps= ministry
TRUTH: Oil (intimacy is not transferable)

*** Intimacy can't be birthed out of ministry. Ministry has to be birthed out of intimacy. ***

Everyone wants to have a growing ministry. Everyone wants to be used greatly by God. Everyone wants to be networked with the greatest names in Christianity and be on Celebrity blogrolls.....But not many people want to do the work themselves.

Ok, so my closing thoughts for this post(by the way, this is bg again) are this, this is how it relates to me, and its honest, not covering up anything:

There are so many times that I pursue so hard trying to excel at my gifts. This saying is so cheezy and I cant believe I"m going to use it, but it goes like this: Placing the gift before the giver. So many times I'm working on playing this song, or singing this song, and I lose sight of my relationship with God and having those intimate times with Him b/c I'm so consume with trying to get better. This isnt a bad thing at all, in fact we should strive to be excellent at the gifts God has given us. However, when I begin placing my striving for excellence with my gifts before my time with the Lord and growing intimate with Him, then its not a good thing. I want to make sure that my lamp(ministry) is full of oil(intimacy with the Lord).

have an awesome day.

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