Yes, it is Monday


It is Monday, and I havent blogged in several days. I had a great weekend. Got to hang out with my wife, she didnt have to work all weekend which was very cool. As far as college football goes, well, we all know how that went. Its pretty crazy. I'm enjoying this year a little more, obviously, b/c South Carolina is doing well. But I'm also enjoying college football a little more b/c all teams seem to be beatable. To me this is more exciting than having several teams that just blow out everyone they play. Although, LSU is really good. They played clutch football the other night. I dont really know what to say about Clemson. I actually believe they do have a very talented team, and in the ACC they should be dominating I think. But as nice of a guy and good christian man that Tommy Bowden is, he isnt really showing his coaching skills off right now. Maybe that will change, we'll see. Oh well, my thoughts for what they are worth.

On to way more important news. I got to play again yesterday at CRCC. I feel like I say this every Monday, but it is so true that there is revival taking place at Crossroads through worship. Not revival like we picture it in our heads a lot of times. There is no evangelist that we paid mega bucks to coming and telling us all the same thing he did last year we paid for him to come. There is no gospel quartet or joyful sound singing(oops, did i say that?). What is taking place is revival folks, and you need to come check it out. We are beginning to see what takes place when there is intercession and prayer and healing. We are beginning to see and understand what it means to have a measure of faith, and being reminded of the simple yet profound truth of God's love for us. Hmmm..good stuff. Come hang out with us.

Fantasy football was good to me this week. I actually played Zach, my brother. Yea, I won.

I played last night for a church that will be launching in January. Very cool. The people there really showed Megan and I a lot of love. It was refreshing. I'm praying God will use them to reach Greenville.

I shall now go and enjoy my coffee. More to come later.


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