Charter talk


Had a great week with Charter, not really.
They cut our cable off without warning or a phone call
And they had no record of it until I mentioned that they cut it off
A couple days later it got fixed
The guy was actually nice when he came out and gave me a free part thingy that allows my cable to work, and told me if it ever happens again to use this until the tech gets out. Nice.
Yes, I'm going to call Charter and see how many free things I can get as a result of THEIR screw-up.

Speaking of Charter....
Do you have Charter "High Speed" Internet?
Do you have a wireless router?
Do you constantly receive a message that says, "Cannot find Server"?
wow, this sounds like some info commercial. i like it, I'm gonna keep going...
Do you find yourself frustrated?
Does your page load a little, then it takes several minutes to actually load the full page?
Are you tired of paying for "high speed" Internet and getting dial up speed?
Are you wondering why I'm asking these questions?
Do you want me to tell you?
I'm going to tell you.

I've discovered, thanks to my step-dad, how to basically tell your router to not use Charter's servers, which are always slow and depressing. So, basically you can go to an open server and well...your internet will fly. If you call Charter complaining about interent speeds, they wont tell you this...they want you to use their servers(of course). But there is a way out my friends. If you're interested in knowing how to do this, shoot me an email. I'm tired of typing right now, and I also must go back to work. So let me know, and we'll go from there. Some of you probably already knew this. If this is the case, I'm sorry that I've fallen behind with technology. If I can help one person though, then it will be worth my typing..haha.

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you should become independent my friend of all tie downs. get verizon's broadband. i can check email at home, as well as driving down the road. its awesome. come on, go, do it, will change your life. no more worrying about "hot spots."

interesting. i will definitely check it out and what its about. thanks for the insight amigo.

Hey Brandon, it's Joe from Metamorphosis. I have Charter also, and it seems like every night it get REALLY SLOW. Hook me up with the info you know concerning the router. PLEASE????
Great job this past Sunday & looking forward to seeing & hearing you this Sunday!

DUH! Forgot to give you my email, so here it is, Later.