It is on this week.


That's right folks! My fantasy football team, called Jesse and the Rippers, will take on my good friend Philip's team, dontcallitacomeback, this week. This will be an epic showdown. You see, he is flying pretty high right now...reeling off 6 wins in a row. He has, and yes I am giving credit where it is due, taken down all of the top teams in our league. Currently, he is ranked number 3, and I am ranked number 5. So, while Im in position to be in the playoffs, this could be a huge win for me. I have a couple key people on a bye week, he has a couple injured and on a bye, so it ought to be a good match for sure. Oh and dont worry, the results will be posted next Tuesday morning...wicky wicky.


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ohhhhhhh sssssnnnnaaaaaaaaaaappppp! game on! dontcallitacomeback is coming out of the gates with a fury like you have never seen! don't say i didn't warn you...

dude're going to lose. 6 game winning streak...snapped this sunday.

and no matter what, you'll both still be looking up the standings at the always imposing spurs 'n feathers...