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Man, I know its been a while since I've wrote on this blog. I guess since this is my blog, then it makes sense to explain my absence...although I'll try to keep it short and not boring. Basically, two weeks ago I had headaches every day. Normally, its two Excedrin Migraine for me then the headache is gone for a while. That week was different, it never really went away. Along with the headache was some equilibrium type issues, just feeling off balance and stuff. Anyway, I managed...until two Sunday nights ago. I was super excited b/c we were having a worship/prayer night at Crossroads. I was anticipating a great night for sure. Well, during the third song I began falling over, except I was standing straight up. Major balance problem just came out of nowhere. I felt like I was about to fall over, pass out(never happened in my life, so it was freaky). Well, I didnt want to just put my guitar down and walk off stage in front of 500+ people, and I also didnt want to fall over. I didnt want to be a distraction. Thankfully, David prayed in the middle of the song, and I exited quickly. Anyways, there are more details about that night, but basically it was just a night full of not feeling well at all--to say the least. Monday, Megan and I go to the doctor and he treats it as allergies. Well, that didnt necessarily work to well.

First of all, to start this paragraph I want to say how awesome my wife is. Seriously, she has an incredible heart and is just amazing. Thanksgiving is Megans favorite holiday. She loves being with her family and just this time of year and everything that comes with it. Thanksgiving night started out awesome, and I dont really feel like typing out everything...but basically, just before dinner her and I were in the Emergency Room in the hospital. We didnt even get to eat dinner. We were at the ER for pretty much the rest of the evening. My dizziness was out of hand and it brought with it many other symptoms that were pretty much scary to me. So that is what made me want to go to the ER. At the ER, they had to wheelchair me into the back on it I probably looked funny. Long story short, they did a CT Scan of my head to see whats up. Thank the Lord, nothing was there.

So, this brings me to today..Tuesday. I've been dealing with the same symptoms every day now..however, they seem to get a little bit better everyday, a very little bit. As of now, the Dr. today told us he thinks it may be inner ear related. He said this is something that cant be necessarily fixed by medicine, but something that the body fixes on its own. This is good news, if this is what it is. I can deal with it if I know an end is in sight.

I say and type all this b/c many of you have asked about me and asked why I havent been blogging and all that good stuff. And I also wanted to say how much your prayers have meant. I've heard of so many people that have been praying for me, prayer groups that have been praying for me...and it absolutely means the world to me. God has truly answered your prayers in that He has given me so much comfort recently(especially in the ER), and I feel like the Lord has taught me many things during this time as well. So, thanks so much for your prayers and all.

If none of this makes sense its probably b/c I'm still on medication that makes me umm...sleepy.

Wow, what a long blog. Cool.

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Glad to see you are getting better by the day! You are in God's hands, so you will be ok. Take care & God bless.
Joe from Metamorphosis

I HEART you Brandon!!!

I HEART you Brandon!!!