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I wanted to post a video this morning. If you've known me for any amount of time, you know that one of my favorite bands is Shane and Shane. They have a new song on their new cd entitled Vision of You. I wanted to post a video of them doing that song at a recent concert I found on YouTube.

A lot of people think Shane & Shane are cheesy. I agree, sometimes they are. Sometimes its weird and awkward when Shane Barnard talks and all. Yes, we all know that, I think he knows that. However, during this season of my life I am appreciating their songs more and more. You see, they dont write to sell records. They dont write cheesy lyrics so that every worship leader plays them at church every Sunday. I just have a great deal of respect for these guys, especially after learning that when they are off of touring, Shane B. goes up to the House of Prayer(24 hour worship/prayer) to just get alone with the Lord. Thats awesome, we need more musicians like that. I'm soooo guilty of so many times trying to sit down in my room and think of rhyming words that will make up a song. Father, please forgive me.

The chorus in this song has meant so much to me
It says this:
Awaken whats inside of me, tune my heart to all You are in me
Even though You're here, God come
May the vision of You be the death of me, even though You've given everything
Jesus Come.

I'm sorry, but I'm convinced that you dont just sit down after a game on the Nintendo Wii and write lyrics like that. I'm convinced that it has to come with intimate time with the Father, and being in tune with His heart, and with a longing to bring His Kingdom here to this earth.

Please dont hear me wrong, I'm not bashing anyone...I'm just telling you that in my own life, and in this season of my life, Im much more appreciative of guys like Shane Barnard and his songwriting.

Here is the Video, watch the whole thing and be blessed.


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i can't think of the last time i read a blog this good. wow. what conviction and challenge that gave me. seriously dude...great post.