So, like many of you have already posted or read about, Starbucks has already brought out the Christmas decorations. Walked in today for a meeting with a pastor today, and it was a beautiful sight. I believe its almost time to break out the Home Alone DVD's and some Ernest Saves Christmas, also on dvd.

Something happened today that doesnt happen very much at all. I tried something different at Starbucks. I'm usually either a Vanilla Latte or caramel macchiato kinda guy, when it comes to hot drinks. Today, after reading Jay's blog, I got in the mood for something else. I ordered a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. Oh my goodness. didnt know what to expect at all. what i got was an incredible tasting drink. wow. yes, i have found a new drink to enjoy this holiday season. I wish I could take cool pictures of me drinking it like Jay and Cope did, but i didnt.

so if you stop in at a starbucks, order this drink, i believe you'll like it.

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i must say that i am quite proud of you...the peppermint white chocolate mocha has been a fav for a couple of years. and hey...a lot of people don't know this, but thats a year-round drink, not just christmas. try the eggnog chai latte...or just an eggnog latte. they're amazing, whether you like eggnog or not, it is guaranteed to bless your heart my friend.

interesting stuff. i'll have to try that eggnog latte you speak so highly of sometime soon.

but you can't drink a peppermint mocha when it's 90 degrees in has to be cold, you have to have on a sweater, a hoodie/track jacket, or a peacoat, and it has to be served in a red cup. all those things combined mean it's a christmas drink. :-)