Sunday 11/11


Had a great weekend. My wife and I really worked hard on Saturday putting away things in the new house. We really wanted to get things situated and make it liveable. It is now, and we love it. One of the bedrooms I'm converting into an office/studio/music room/whatever you wanna call it. Its coming together nicely. My parents were getting rid of this cool sleeper sofa, so I put it in the room and it goes well. Anyways, so all the house stuff is coming along.

Had a great service yesterday at Crossroads. Man, Rich really is such a great communicator. The way he explains things, it just makes sense. Just an awesome, simple guy who has a heart for the city of Greenville. Awesome stuff.
Set list:
Salvation is Here
Holy Spirit of God/Open the Eyes
Give us clean hands
Shout unto God
Jesus Paid it All

We talked about the Church of Thyatira in Rev. 2. We cant be in union with God, and married to the world. We spoke about repenting. I could go way more in depth, but I'm running out of time here at work.

In other less serious news, the gamecocks have been sliding the last few weeks. no excuses really, just not playing good ball. clemson is playing some good ball. i think they'll beat bc this coming week. i have said all year long, even when bc was like #2 that they really arent that great of a team. i love acc basketball. i'm weird. i like usc football, and unc basketball. i just grew up watching unc basketball and i love it. and i think acc basketball is more fun to watch on tv. however, when it comes to football, for some reason sec football is way more fun to watch. i feel like when i watch an sec game, i'm watchin almost like a pro game. like the georgia game on saturday, holy cow, that game was awesome and those guys are just athletes. now...there are athletes in the acc...NO DOUBT. but when i watch an acc game, it almost feels like i'm watching high school football. except for maybe virginia tech, but everything else just feels so much on a lower level. I dont know, maybe thats just me.

oh well.


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yea yea yea, we'll see about some high school football when those tigers roll into columbia in a couple of weeks...

haha, i was wondering where you were cope. yea man it ought to be a good game. hopefully we can actually give you guys a game, yall are looking good right now for sure. call me sometime man.