Update on concert


So, like I said in my previous post, we got to see David Crowder play last night. I would say it was a good concert, not the best I've ever been to...but solid no doubt. I enjoyed the opening band, The Myriad. They had a good sound and I really enjoyed their songs. I think they are doing some cool things with MTV as well, which is good. Phil Wickham was great. I bet it was tough being the acoustic guy sandwiched between two bands, but he brought great energy to his acoustic performance. He added in some loops and stuff which helped out a little. And lastly, the Crowder Band didnt disappoint. They played a ton of songs, which is a good thing for sure. I think my favorites were You Never Let Go and A beautiful Collision. I liked how Crowder played piano on You Never Let Go. Very powerful song.

Well, that pretty much sums it up I guess.

More later.

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