What a weekend


This past weekend was a very busy one. Megan and I moved from our apartment to a house in Simpsonville. I have moved a good bit in my life, but for some reason this one was a little tougher(in the physical sense, not emotional). I'll tell you why. Megan and I had a third floor apartment. Not very practical, I understand. But the view and the apartment we had was great, and it was available at the time we were moving into it. So, basically James and I would bring down a piece of furniture(two flights of steps, plus the little turns you have to make at each one at the bottom) and put it in the truck. Then, we'd have to go back up those two flights of steps. Then we basically repeated that process for a few hours. So by lunchtime on Friday, we were tired. I'm sure most would agree that the difficult and depressing thing about moving is that there is always ANOTHER TRIP. I felt like everytime I said I only have one more trip to the apartment, I would have to go back again later. Anyways, we are moved and we love our house. Its really awesome. We have a cool yard as well. We like our yard b/c you can actually go out in it and walk 10ft out and not be on someone elses porch. Big thanks to James and Thomas and my parents for helping us out. We really appreciate all you did.

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