Fantasy Football


Our league is in the playoffs right now. The top six make it, and I think that I was number 5. My team has actually been coming on really strong recently. Guys have been stepping up and playing to their potential(ex. LT and Drew Brees). Well, this past Sunday, my team was projected to win by 30 points. If you dont do Fantasy, that is big. Its not often you get projected to win by that much. Well, lets just say the other guy had Tom Brady, who completely picked through the Steelers. Well, by Sunday night, he had 144(which is a pretty big number in our league, the way we have our points set up), and I had 109. I had one player left, Drew Brees. I needed him to have the game of his life on Monday Night. Well, he had the game of his life and picked apart the Falcons. He also pulled me to a victory. I came back and won 150-144. Awesome. So on to the next round where I play the number one guy in our league.

It is On.

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