I'm not a big Mall fan. I do every now and then like to go to some of the stores and shop. I do like the fact that our Mall now has a Starbucks. I like looking at all the High School kids that walk around the mall, wearing the latest fashion and trying to impress anyone that may lay there eyes on them. I laugh at them inside, and then I realize that I used to do that stuff when I was in High School. Oh well, it was a phase. But for some reason, during Christmas time..the mall is fun. It is just a great place to be during the holidays. Yes, it is crowded. But something about the way it is decorated and the scenory..its just a cool, fun atmosphere. I havent been this year, yet. But Megan doesnt have to work this weekend, so I think a trip will be in the works. And a trip to the Starbucks will be the first thing that occurs when we go in the mall.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

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