Home Depot.


So, being a homeowner now means that it is now kind of fun to go to stores like Home Depot and Lowes, preferably Lowes. I was reminded why I like Lowes last night. I go to Home Depot b/c I had a coupon, and so I was going to see if I could buy something for the house. As I walk in, there are two employees standing at the entrance. I didnt think anything of it, I just thought these two middle-aged ladies would greet me. Maybe a little Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays type thing ya know. So I proceed to the entrance and as I walked by them they asked me what I'm looking for. (sidenote: when I go shopping, I dont like to be bothered or limited by employees asking me things...I would rather them just be available for me if I do indeed have some questions). So I told these ladies that I just bought a house and so its fun to just come in and look at things. Before I could get the words out, one of them told me to follow her. We proceeded 5 ft. where there was a table full of brochures. She definitely gave me a 5 minute plus spill on how I could do 12 months, no interest if I spent X amount of money, or if I spent over $1000 dollars to redo something in my house then I wouldnt have to pay on it until 2009. Are you kidding me? I'm thinking in my head, b/c I didnt want to be rude and interrupt, that really all I wanted to look at was a push broom or something haha. So, basically she went through several brochures, and 5 minutes later I was free to shop. Needless to say, I'll be going to lowes from now on. They dont try to get me to finance things or get credit cards. Moral of this story: I dont know. Go to Lowes. Be a pro, not an average joe. Merry Christmas..ho, ho, ho.


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