The Newest Member of our Family!


Megan and I went on a search the other day for a dog. We knew what we were looking for, and knew that we didnt really want to fork out $1000 to get one. We were looking for a Siberian Husky. I've always wanted one. I wanted one with blue eyes and black and white fur/hair. They are just awesome looking dogs and are incredibly smart(some of them anyways). And of course, last but not least...Sully from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman had one(Dont act like you didnt like that show, come on). And if that isnt reason enough, I dont know what is. So we went to the Greenville Humane Society first. We were really wanting to adopt one if we could. We just liked the idea behind it. Of course when you get one from the humane society, you never know what you will bring home. Nothing was at the Greenville Humane Society, so we went to Petland. The guy there said they didnt have any "in stock", but normally the puppies are about $900. WHAT? For a dog? Wowzers.

Friday night, I got off work a little early and we headed to Spartanburg. I knew, from reading online b/c they post the animals, that they had a couple Siberian Huskies. They werent really the "look" I was going for..but I wanted to check them out anyways. Well, we walked through the double doors into the kennel. Wouldnt you know it...the first dog sitting there is the Siberian Husky, named Cloey(the humane names them). I immediately knew this was the one. It was a pure Siberian Husky, female, and she was just sitting there as calm as could be in the midst of all the other dogs barking. I went and looked at the other one they had "in stock" and he was cool looking, but definitely mixed with something that took away from the appearance. I passed him by and went back to Cloey.

Long story made very short, we adopted her. We knew that we could be getting a bad dog, but we also knew we might get a good dog(behavior wise). She is two years old, and a Siberian Husky. And yes, I will admit here on my blog that we have had her one day...and I love her. Seriously, she is so cool. The best part about it, she is housetrained somehow. She doesnt go to the bathroom at all until we go outside(huge bonus). And she knows the word sit.(huge bonus) So we are excited. Her name is Maya. Below are some pics I took on the phone.

first thing she did when we got home, jumped on the couch

@ the vet

megan and maya

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Congratulations!! Make sure that you have her Microchip if she is not already and don’t forget to register the chip. A great registry that offers a proactive lost pet alert is you get a duel registry with this company and they also work closely with shelters and rescues too! Check it out it really is a cool site.