-Jon Foreman, lead singer for switchfoot, has come out with an EP entitled Fall. I think he may be coming out with one for each of the seasons, so this is one of four. Check it out on itunes. He has a great voice and is an incredible songwriter.
-Yesterday itunes had John Mayers new single for a free download..or at least the video anyways. I kind of like the song. Its chill. Check it out on itunes.
-I got kind of lazy and didnt change my guitar strings for a while. Changed them this past weekend and was reminded quickly how much better it makes my guitar sound. Oh man, it was awesome. Maybe I wont be so lazy next time.
-I'm starting to feel a little better..i think. Last week I thought I was feeling better, so I started doing normal routine things..and it kinda hit me again. So, I'm just tryin not to overdo anything, or turn my head quickly b/c I almost fall down haha(ok so it isnt that funny i guess)
-A lot of people ask me how I feel, for which I'm thankful for. Here is a good example, as explained by my doctor. If youve ever been deep sea fishing, or know someone who has...a lot of people get real sick when the boat stops. The world is spinning, your stomach is in a knot..and the only remedy is to lay down and pray. Thats kinda what I've been dealin with. Good times.
-Christmas time is here, and I love it. I love walking in my house, turning on the Christmas lights and smelling the Christmas tree. Its just a great time of year for sure.
-My fantasy football team has been strong in recent weeks, beating the number one team in the league last week. Now its playoff time..so we'll see how that goes.
-I'm not sure what to think of the BCS. There really are no games that I care about. I'll watch the National Championship b/c its that. Ohio State, unless a miracle takes place, is going to get blown out by LSU. The best team Ohio State has played all year was Illinois, and they got beat. Doesnt make sense at all. I guess thats how the "system" works.
-I have so much to be thankful for. I have the best wife in the world, an incredible family, from a musical standpoint I get to play with some of the best musicians in the upstate every Sunday at Crossroads. I feel like the Lord is using David, Pinkerton, Stu, and Sean in such an incredible way. They have taught me so much about music and worship leading. Its just awesome.

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