Why did I not listen?


It has finally happened. I knew it was too good to be true. I gave them the chance, they blew it. Now they will not get my money again. Who is this I speak of? One word. You will recognize it. You will nod your head in agreement. It is the one and only Charter. I knew that everything was going too smooth. There is no way it could be this easy, right? I mean all a man wants is cable(basic of course), and internet. Simple.

Here's the deal. Remember this post? Sure you do. Charter mistakingly(yes, it was a mistake) cut off my cable and internet, with no warning. Yes, I can survive four days without cable and without internet maybe, but my wife..who takes online classes cannot. So charter told me we would be credited those four days we went w/out both of them.

I get the bill in the mail. Twice the amount it should be. Not only did they not credit those four days, they charged me a service charge b/c the technician had to come out to hook it back up. Then they charge me some other bogus fee that they never told me about. I got one removed, but the other they wouldnt remove. And on top of that, I had to close the door to my office, close my eyes to concentrate b/c I couldnt even understand the Chinese customer service guy. Dude, are you kidding me?

Folks. If you are not on the DirecTV bandwagon, you need to jump on and enjoy the ride. I went to there website, and noticed that for $20 LESS a month, I get more channels(which I only watch a certain few anyways so thats not a necessity), and I get a DVR reciever. WHAT? Incredible. No wonder Charter has gotten, 6 YEARS IN A ROW, voted worst customer service! Sorry Charter, you lost another one.
End Rant.

I know a few of you that read this blog have DirectTV, give me some feedback...I mean have my eyes been opened? Am I now on the winning team?

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Dude, I feel your pain. I just switched to DirectTV from Charter & I love it. Now I kept the Charter internet, cuz I live in that backwoods town of Woodruff, SC where DSL is not offered yet. The picture quality is 1000 times better than what Charter was. I, too, got the DVR service with the standard receiver in the bedroom. The hardest thing I had to get used to was not to hit 25 for ESPN. Its 206. Email me at jandroshick@coxcustommedia.com for more info. Later.