Are You Thankful?


A couple months ago I was sick. Not your typical flu type sickness...more like your typical I'm dizzy and nauseous and have a bad headache kind of sickness. You know, like when you go to Target, and you have to lean on the shopping cart for fear of falling down in the aisle and embarrassing yourself. To add to that, the "sickness" last for around a month. Even with medicines, it never really went away. I worried alot to be honest. Isn't it normal to worry when a doctor cant really tell you exactly what is wrong with you, but you know that you don't feel normal at all? Today, January 22, I'm back to feeling pretty normal again. I truly believe the Lord used that time in my life for a reason. I feel like He taught me a couple huge things that I took for granted. I would like to share those today if that's ok.

1) He taught me to trust Him. You see, when a doctor couldn't tell me exactly what was wrong with me...and couldn't give me exactly the right medicine to fix it(by the way, the Dr. did eventually give me medicine that fixed things, to his credit)...and when on Thanksgiving night my wife and I were in a NC hospital ER and I was laying down on the bed and couldn't stop shaking, and could barely get up to make it to the CT scan...then the only thing I could to do in that time was to trust God. I don't think I ever have prayed as much as I did during that one month period of time. I took for granted the fact that every morning I get up and move around with no problem and can physically do pretty much what I want to do. I took that for granted. I'm more thankful today than I ever have been that I can get up and walk around, I'm more thankful today than I ever have been for my health. Are you thankful?

2) He taught me to take care of myself. Although my sickness was due to an inner ear type thing and stomach ulcers, I learned that it is up to me to take care of my body. Practically speaking, that means eating healthy and exercising. It is my responsibility to take care of myself, for it is true that we only have one life. Yes, the smart people would say that the Lord is in control and even healthy people die young and so on and so on. I would say that this is a true statement, however, the Lord does give us tools and ways to take care of ourselves and the ability to do just that. Ok, end rant..back to post. For me, this means that I've started eating healthy. I've started eating whole grains, drinking water and cutting out soft drinks, eating fresh vegetables every day, eating fruit every day, drinking not from concentrate juices, cutting out fast food. Healthy food is more expensive, but umm...its worth it. Its also something that Megan and I budget for. We cut other expenses in order to be able to buy healthier food. And so that's something that we try to do a good bit, eat healthy that is. Second, we got a gym membership. This is another one of those things that people say that they cant afford, well I say that you cant afford not to. Folks, we need to take care of ourselves much better. Its hard, it takes discipline..but I do believe its worth it, and I do think its the right thing to do. Heck, I'm thankful that I have the ability to eat healthy foods and exercise, this is a blessing that I take for granted. Are you thankful?

Once again, I repeat...
Are You Thankful?

Side note:Hopefully this makes some makes sense to me, but I'm not always good at conveying that on paper.

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i'm so thankful you're better too. you're amazing, and i love you more than anything.