I had a great time last night. Stephen and I went to see Matchbox 20, Mutemath, and Alanis Morrisette. We stopped for dinner and had chinese food(a tribute to our good friend Kabeman606), then Starbucks. It was a great car ride, with a lot of great conversation. Some much needed hang out time. When we got into the Charlotte area, it was dark and rainy and I think we missed a turn. Which was fun for me, b/c I got to put the iphone maps app. to the test. didnt fail us. I entered in Cricket Arena to the search, hit find directions from current location and took us right to it. Beautiful.

Mutemath did not play that many songs, but they were great. Their sound wasnt too great, but being familiar with their songs it didnt much matter. Really a great group of musicians, with great stage presence and energy. Much, much energy. I want a Rhodes now.

Alanis Morrisette was up next. She was really good actually. When she started singing her newer songs it got kind of boring. But then she'd play one of her many hits, and the boringness went away momentarily. She started off with Uninvited. Amazing vocals on that song, it really stuck out to me.

Last up of course was Matchbox 20. They were great. I thought they were a great live band, put on a very good show. The good thing about them is they played for over 2 hours. So, even though the tickets were free...if I did pay for them, it would definitely be worth the money since they play a ton of songs. Rob Thomas is a great frontman, he definitely knows how to engage the crowd and all. Even their really old songs off the first album sounded good and were really cool to hear again.

Here are some pics I took

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sweetness bro. the mutemath guys are nice fellas. sharp blog as well. congrats on recent marriage. adios.