Fountain Inn


Led worship last night at Fountain Inn First Baptist Church, for the students. I usually get to play at this church a couple times a month, and usually get to do some of their camps and retreats that they do. Its been great. Its cool b/c now the students seem to know me, and they know who I am, and they trust me. I just really felt like doing some older songs last night. I dont know. Maybe I'm in a rut and just kind of getting tired of playing some of the newer things. I dont know what it was really, I just felt like doing it. And to be real honest, it was a good change of pace. Its amazing what happens when you play a song that is familiar to a group. They tend to be a little freed up. The student pastor was doing a talk, and part of his talk was telling the story of Horatio Spafford, the author of the beautiful hymn It is Well. So the student pastor asked if I could do that song before and after the message. Talk about a song that seems to never get old. I really slowed it down, and the words seem to mean more everytime I sing/play that song.

Set List
Ancient of Days
Open the Eyes
It is Well

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