Great Weekend


Had a wonderful weekend. Here's why!!!!

-My wife didnt have to work so we got to hang out a good bit.
-Spent $0 on eating out(if you know me, you know thats big)
-Had homemade chocolate chip cookies compliments of my wife
-Got to hang out with the parents on Saturday night
-Rented a movie off of OnDemand from Charter. It was free. Thats a good thing.
-Made lots of coffee
-Finished rewiring my house with my Grandfather. The house we moved into had older wiring(two prong outlets instead of the three prong outlets that are in houses today), so my Grandfather(a retired electrician) came over two Saturdays in a row and helped me rewire the whole house pretty much. Huge blessing. Saved least $3000 probably.
-I have the coolest dog in the world. I ran around the block with her yesterday. A little kid saw us running and said in a cute little kid voice, "Mommy look, its a wolf doggy." Classic.
-Got to lead worship for the first time in over a month(due to me being sick). Im renewed and refreshed, more on that later.
-Got to have coffee with David Walker. The dude challenges me and encourages me every time we meet. Great friend.
-Went to Crossroads with my wife, and got the week off from playing so I could enjoy the service with her.
-Bi-Lo had Breyers Ice cream on sale. Yea, I bought way too much.
-We're about to join a gym. Not b/c of a New Years Resolution, just b/c we've been wanting to do it for a while, and we're budgeting for it now is when its going to happen.
-Played some old school James Bond on the Playstation. Good times.

Thats about it. Hope your weekend was great as well.

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