Hello 2008


Happy New Year.

The year 2007 was a great year. As always it was a year filled with ups and downs.
I moved into an apartment about this time last year.
I got married in July.
I bought a house in November.
I got a dog.
I bought a couple handguns(yes, Im legally packing) =)
I love my new iphone.
I drank way too much coffee.
I added a new Telecaster to my arsenal.
I added a Vox AC30 to my arsenal.
I realized how awesome Craigslist is.
I beat Thomas way too many times in Madden 08.
Most of my college roommates had babies(well, their wives did), but all were able to be in my wedding which was great.
Went to several great concerts, and bought a lot of great music.
I had many great "gigs" this year with some great friends.
I was reminded that I cant do things on my own.
I was reminded of how much I need the Lord.
I was reminded how much He loves me, with a jealous love.

Thats all I can think of...Bring on 08.

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