Hope Point


Yesterday I led worship at Hope Point Community Church, in Spartanburg SC. I was really excited about this, to see what this church was like. I had never really even heard of the church until I got asked to play. Its a portable church that meets in the gym(actually kind of a nice gym..sort of) of a Spartanburg Elementary School. Well, it was amazing. I felt like, considering that I had never really played with the band or anything, that the music went well. We did four songs at the beginning of the service, and one at the end. The band was really great..and really flexible, and most of all...passionate. They made it super easy for me to step in and lead.

I think the biggest thing about yesterday morning was the pastor. He was hands down one of the best communicators that I've ever heard. If my opinion counted for anything, I'd say he's one of the best communicators of the Word of God in the upstate. Seriously. Amazing. He did one thing. He taught the Word of God. He didnt use any flashy jokes, he used very short, simple illustrations on some of his points. I loved it. I want to go back. This pastor, Richard, wants to see revival break out in the Upstate and he is super passionate about seeing people go deeper with the Lord.

Overall, my experience at Hope Point was great. I cant wait to go back and hope I get the oppurtunity to lead there again sometime soon. If any of you from Hope Point read this, thanks so much for allowing me hang out with you yesterday.

Everlasting God
Marvelous Light
Here I am to Worship
Jesus Paid it All

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