I'm thankful for my wife


Today I am super thankful for my wife. I dont deserve her. Six months ago today we got married. I got home from work today and had to eat a quick bite before heading to Crossroads for some sound checks and all. She also had to leave for work soon too. She was telling me what all she got at the grocery store, and so I went to fridge to see all the stuff she got(Costco is awesome by the way). Then..out of no where I notice a bowl on the second shelf with a letter on top. I immediately knew what was in the bowl. It happened to be my favorite drink in the world. I know it sounds gross, but its called Boiled Custard. Yea, the name doesnt really sound very appetizing. However, it tastes sooo good...to me anyways. But there is more to this drink than the drink itself. its the history behind the drink. You see, as a kid my great-grandmother would make this all the time. She would always have it waiting on my brother and I when we came. My great-grandmother is still alive today. The thing is, and I didnt realize this until I got older...its a pain to make. Its just a long, boring process of making it. Its more than just mix and stir. So...fast forward to today, and to know that my wife spent all that time to make this drink that I talk about all the time but never get is just incredible...and it means the world to me. Its just reason number 5,436,597 that I'm in love with Megan. And the best part is Zach(my brother) is at college so I get it all to myself. Well, I need to get off this blogging thing and go get some custard to drink.


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Boiled Custard? Really Brandon... I mean we all love your wife...but that is just weird!! Hey Megan!

haha, dude its awesome. its got this weird vanilla taste to it. sweet mercy.