It is time to Pump it Up


Those were the words that echo in my head even today. You see in college me and the guys would frequent the gym. Especially on nice, sunny, spring days when a baseball game was taking place on the field. We would skip class, never going over our limit of course...and do things like that. My friend Stephen, would always yell at me when we worked out. Except, it was unlike any other yell. It was always in the voice of the man we know as The Terminator. Arnold himself. Stephen had perfected the voice. And so phrases like "Pump it Up" and "I like to eat steroids like skittles" were yelled at me a lot. It really motivated me I think. Actually Id be lifting weights, and begin to laugh, and well if you've ever done that before you know thats not a good combination. It could make for a disaster, right? I miss those days...sometimes.

Well, last night Megan and I joined a gym here in Simpsonville. The Simpsonville Sports Club. We didnt know what to expect. What we found was a really nice gym. Brand new everything. Great atmosphere. The staff was very friendly in answering all the questions. The best of all is that Megan, being a nurse, gets a discount. So that was the icing on the cake. We decided to join...not really because of any "New Years I'm gonna lose 20 pounds/I'm gonna join a gym, do it for 3 months straight, miss one or two days, and never go back Resolution." We've been wanting to join a gym for a while, and now that we're settled down in Simpsonville with the house and all, we figured this was a good time. So, Im looking forward to it.

Maybe Stephen can record some Arnold audio for me to put in the ipod to bring back the good ol days?

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i will gladly record some arnold for you...just let me know when and where. maybe friday we can get the iphone out and have a little recording session.