Metamorphosis Church


Had the oppurtunity to lead at Metamorphosis Church last night. They are about to launch next Sunday Morning at Greenville Tech...11AM. They really do have a great launch team. It was great to be able to lead worship again too. I was sick for about a month, and this church prayed for me the entire time...and so to be with them again was truly a blessing. It seems like during the time I was sick the Lord taught me so many things. One of those things was trusting Him. Really trusting Him. A level of trusting Him that I personally had never been to. I just felt really refreshed last night as I led. Older songs seemed to have new life and new meaning. We sang the song Forever. Old song. However, for some reason the chorus hit me.

"Forever God is faithful, forever God is strong
Forever God is with us, Forever."

Think about those words. Amazing, right?

Set list:
Happy Day
Your Grace is Enough
Nothin but the blood

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