Monday morning thoughts


Sorry for two "list" posts in a week...they are fun. Ok, here are some thoughts running in my head today.

-Sunday morning at Crossroads was great. Check out Rich's blog to see a picture of this morning. Standing on stage, hearing those glow sticks break, knowing what that was a symbol of, and seeing the lights in the air...awesome moment.
-Matthew 5:13-20
-Megan and I went to Charlotte on Friday night. It was one of those times where it was fun to be married. Just come home from work and randomly say lets go to Charlotte to the Apple Store and Urban Outfitters. It was a lot of fun just having 3 hours(there and back) in the car just her and I talking. Good stuff. No agenda.
-Our dog Maya is super strong, especially when she sees an animal.
-I feel like I dont even care about the Superbowl this year.
-I didnt work out at all this weekend. Slacker.
-Been working on a new tattoo idea, and I like it a lot. Coming soon.
-My wife made these homemade heath bar cookies, really really good stuff.
-I was reminded on Friday night why I love Apple products.
-Apple does such a great job of presenting their product at their store. You walk in, and the store is just simple, yet cool. And you want to buy something. Even if its something small, its just fun to get something.
-I was really liking some of the furniture and pictures at Urban Outfitters. Really cool stuff.
-Love the store IKEA as well, just recently learned about that.
-This week should be busy, but very good.

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