Myspace vs. Virb


Myspace used to be cool....I think. Everyone has/had a profile. I made a profile. I used to update it all the time with dates, pictures, blogs, friends. Then, something happened. It became...well, trashy. It has gone downhill. What used to be a cool "networking", free website thingy, turned into a mess. A page used to load quickly. Now, people add so many things to their profiles that sometimes it cant even load b/c there is so much video and flash stuff on it. For all I know I send emails to people telling them to click certain things b/c I've tried it, which means to prevent this I have to go change my password all the time b/c somehow people figure it out. I dont know. Sometimes I've gotten comments from friends that use incredibly bad language, when I know they dont talk like that. I just dont get it.

Now, there is Virb. I hope it doesnt become Myspace. For now, its a site that looks neater, cleaner, artsy. It looks professional kind of. Its simple. It doesnt have a page full of crap, which means that pages load faster. Hopefully high schoolers and middle schoolers will never hear about it.

I like to compare these two to Wal Mart and Target. Wal-Mart...well, yea the prices are pretty good on a lot of things. But to be honest, it is sooo crowded. Not only that, but its just messy. Its not neat. Target on the other hand is great. Not overly crowded, a little higher pricing...but its neat. Its fun to go to Target and just walk around. There is a Starbucks in most of them. It is simple.

Try the Virb out
Try Target

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