Sunday @ Metamorphosis


This morning I led worship at Metamorphosis Church. It was there first service. They did several "preview" services, a few of which I led at as well. But today was the official start. I felt like it was a good morning. Setup stuff seemed to go well. They meet at Greenville Tech, in a pretty cool auditorium..and they are a portable church, which means everything gets set up when they come in, and everything comes down when they leave. Looking forward to seeing how God uses this body of believers to impact the city of Greenville.

Here are some pics taken from the iphone this morning---

This is the setup teams doing there thing. I just get out of their way b/c they know where everything goes and what gets put where.

This is when everything was pretty much done being setup. I didnt really capture the lighting too well, but the room looked great. These folks put a lot of time to make the environment great.

This is right before I went out, the countdown was taking place.

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Hey man, you did a great job today. I thought it was a Awesome start to our new church to just say "I'm Sorry"

Thanks for what your doing for Metamorphosis and the Kingdom!

God Bless,

Robbie Funderburk