What's in my head?


Glad you asked...here are some random thoughts

-Had a great night last night with my wife. We went on a date to PF Changs, one of our new favorite resteraunts in Greenville.
-World Market has some of the best coffee I've ever had, plus its just a cool store to go in.
-I cant tell you the last time I went to Starbucks. I love starbucks. My bank account thanks me though.
-Actually now that I think about it, I was at Starbucks on Tuesday in Georgia. Oops.
-I'm glad its Friday.
-I'm so glad we are with AT&T now instead of Verizon. The whole rollover minutes thing is a great idea. Plus they are the exclusive carrier to a little toy called the iphone.
-Sold another item on Craigslist the other day. My studio/office room is looking a lot neater now that I'm getting rid of things I dont use.
-My wife made a Pumpkin Pie Cheescake thingy last night. Oh sweet mercy. Amazing.
-I think I've decided on my next Tattoo. That will happen soon I think.
-I love how you can transfer applications from one mac to another.
-My Macbook Pro is sweet, the Powerbook was good to me for sure though.
-I dont know a lot about this rebate thing going on with the economy, but I like the idea of getting a check in the mail. Sure I'll use it to "boost the economy".
-I think I should be the President.


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