I never can think of titles for my posts. So today I'll just stick with no title. We had practice last night for church on Sunday. It went really well. We spent 20-30 minutes before practice just talking about worship. We reflected on this article that David read us from his blog. The article is by Ray Hughes. Check it out.

"If the enemy could not destroy the people of God, the second-best plan was to put them into captivity, thereby controlling their worship. (The story of Moses and the children of Israel is a prime example of this scenario.) One of the primary purposes for praise and worship is to cover the throne of God and create a habitation that the Lord can enthrone Himself upon. The enemy has always attempted to thwart this purpose of worship.

Lucifer was the “anointed cherub that covereth the throne” of God. Within his very being he had the ability to make music. When he rebelled he said, “I will be like the Most High.” What most people don’t know is that he pulled it off. He is like the Most High; he is a counterfeit. When he was cast down, he took a third of the angels with him. He also left the throne uncovered. Therefore, God said, “I will raise up a people who will worship me, a people who will cover the throne. I will enthrone myself upon the praises of my people.” We take the place that Lucifer once had. As a result, he is so angry and jealous toward our place that he will do whatever it takes to stop us from fulfilling this purpose.

Since then it has been his purpose to make sure that we don’t walk in the reality for which we were created. Lucifer creates fads, trends and soulish excitement around releases of emotion that distract from the One who is worthy. He sets us up for fights and arguments over musical styles and preferences, he creates big music productions that simply emulate real worship and perpetuate the regurgitation of soulish displays. These things are all to steal, kill and destroy the true releases of worship that penetrate the spirit realm to change things in the heavenlies. As a result of the enemy’s devices, we now have huge musical extravaganzas that can attract man, not God. So now God is raising up a generation of people who are releasing a sound that He is attracted to. This sound is untainted by the destructive devices and obstacles that the enemy has effectively used in past generations."

Yea, I'm still chewing on it too. Its a great article though. We just spent some time talking about it, and then we had a great prayer time. I love how we did this before even picking up our instruments or sing a note.

Im ready for something new.

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