Good times


Had a good time with Megan last night. She didnt have to work, which she usually has to on Monday nights. I was really excited b/c I knew she'd be able to watch my favorite show on Monday's with me....American Gladiators. Oh yea, you know you like it. I got home from work today really tired. For some reason we just had a crazy busy day, and I got home late. Its amazing how much better things get when I walk in the house and see my wife and my dog. Although Maya(dog) usually beats Megan to see me at the door. We went to the gym and got in a good hour workout. Then came home and grilled fresh shrimp and asparagus.

Sidenote: I'm really loving my grill. Its just fun. It was such a great present from my Dad this year. I can see myself using this thing quite a bit this Spring and Summer.

After dinner, it was time for American Gladiators and chill out time.

And after such a long day, BG was in the bed early.

So that was my Monday night.

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