Unfortunately I didnt make LA Ink like this guy, but I didnt try either. I did however go to a really cool place in Hendersonville, NC to get my second tattoo. These guys are great. The place is called Two Kings Tattooing. The shop is very neat looking, very sanitary looking...all these are good things by the way. I got my first tattoo over a year and a half ago. Its on my left wrist. I've known for a while that I would like to get another one. But I think the one obstacle that holds a ton of people back is what do i get? Well, after getting an idea online, I ran with it. I knew it was me, and I really liked the statement it made.

I havent really taken many pics of it, its still quite bruised and swollen. Its just a part of the body(inner bicep)that isnt used to being pricked with a "15 mag"(as the tattoo artist called it haha). Megan snapped a few photos while I was in pain. It took over an hour and a half to get it done. I really like it, I think the guy did a great job. He took my idea, and although it was tricky to get the text part correct, he did a great job with it.

I'll post some more pics as it heals up.

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it looks sharp, bro. i bet it hurt like el crap-o. what did your wife get? which hebrews verses again? that makes me want to go get another right now. hek yes!

Brandon, how was the guy able to work on putting the tattoo on your left arm, and then make it magically appear on your right arm in the last picture. That's a good trick man.