The Ipod Shuffle and a game


A year ago for Christmas, Megan bought me a great gift. She bought me the ipod shuffle. I love this thing. It is sooo small and it has a small little clip on it. It is perfect for working out. And thats exactly what it is used for. It has just enough room on it to put a playlist of workout tunes. I think I read somewhere the other day that they just lowered the price on these things. I think its a great purchase for situations that you dont feel like carrying the "big" ipod.

Speaking of Ipods. I'd love to know what is on everyone's playlists these days. So...lets play a little game. The game goes like this. Take your ipod, hit shuffle, then post the first 10 songs that come up to play. No cheating, no substituting songs...share the first ten songs. Im going to do it as well.


Comments (3)

1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
-Israel K.
2. Poor Sinner, Dejected with Fear
-Indelible Grace
3. I Need Thee Every Hour
-Jars of Clay
4. Just to Be Close to Him
-random gospel mix?
5. Nothing But You
-Conspiracy Among Friends
6. Come and Welcome
-Matthew Perryman Jones
7. How Sweet It Is
-James Taylor
8. It's Gonna Be Love
-Walk to Remember soundtrack
9. All Creatures of Our God & King
10. Why Walk When You Can Fly
-Andrew Peterson (I Knew he'd turn up!!)

Cool game, Brandon!

1. sending - charlie hall
2. here is our king - crowder
3. without it - mute math
4. homecoming - kanye west (featuring chris martin)
5. mayfield - augustana
6. heart of stone - the rolling stones
7. low - coldplay
8. you and i - pat mcgee band
9. happy day - fee
10. stranger things have happened - foo fighers

now that's what i call a good mix...

1. Drive - The Cars
2. Entre Nous - Rush
3. Always Something There To Remind Me - Naked Eyes (so '80s!)
4. O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Matthew Smith
5. Born Under a Bad Sign - Cream
6. Clean, Clean - The Buggles
7. Aquarius - Maynard Ferguson
8. Jesus Generation - Hillsongs
9. Runs House - Run D.M.C.
10. Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant

Weird stuff...