Macbook Pro: Part One


The other day I wrote a post about "venting" on this here blog, and that soon there would be a post about that. Well, after talking with some close friends, my parents, and most importantly my wife...I decided not to take that route. It would be sad and wrong for me to do that, to bash people and expose some of their faults...when I have(although not necessarily the same ones) huge faults of my own that need to be dealt with. I have decided to move on with my life, and not worry and stress over these particular situations. Its not worth me being ill over. In fact, I should count my blessings, b/c in one situation I do believe the Lord blessed me b/c of my patience toward the other person. I will tell the story, although I will not bash the other person...even though I have every right to. I'm telling the story b/c this is a blog, and a blog is for stories like this to be told.


On Dec. 3, I saw a "famous blogger" had a Macbook Pro for sale. I've been wanting one for a while. This person was selling this Macbook Pro for a great price. It had a few dents and scratches on it, and it didnt work unless you had the power cord plugged in. This person said he had tried new batteries, new power cord, and Apple wanted to charge him a ton of money to fix it. However, knowing this and being the nerd that I am, the price was too low for me to pass up. I talked to Megan about it, and I emailed this person saying I was interested and that I could pay them that day(thats how I roll haha [just kidding]). That person emailed back and said I was the most serious buyer. Long story, short...I sent out a Money Order that day to this person...he received it a couple days later.

Mid-December, I have not received laptop. Quick note here...I gave this person my mailing address multiple times and email and phone number. This person tells me that his "assistant" mailed the computer to the wrong address. Umm..ok. I'm patient and very calm at this point. Here is the fun part. It is after Christmas by this time(bought this on Dec. 3), this person tells me that b/c I had to wait so long that they would pay me $200 for my troubles along with the computer. This made things a little be continued

Come back tomorrow for Part wont want to miss this me!

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