Macbook Pro: Part Two


Here is the conclusion of my story from yesterday. Enjoy and learn my friends.


Quick recap from PART ONE...
I paid for the Macbook Pro Dec. 3.

Ok, now that we've recapped Part One, we are ready to move on. Let us fast forward now to Mid-January. I've emailed this person, this person says they are going to personally take it to UPS to have it delivered. Wicky Wicky. Sorry. Ok, so after numerous emails bugging this person about a Confirmation Number, I get no confirmation number but an email saying that the Computer got shipped back to them b/c of a wrong address. Reminder to you folks: I sent my mailing address to this person on multiple occasions. This person proceeds to tell me that they will drive the computer to me the following day. So what do I do? I go into work and tell my boss that I'd probably have to leave early to meet this person to get the computer...I cancel all pre-arranged appointments that I had for that day to allow time to meet this person "when" they called/contacted me. I heard nothing that day, or the next day, or the next, not the next day either...on Saturday, I send this person an ichat message asking whats up? He says the Macbook Pro is sitting in a box next to his desk waiting to be shipped. Um ok. We then make it a point to schedule a definite time and place we are meeting, so that both of us can be there. We both have iphones, so we program our little ICal app to remind us of that wonderful appointment that we made. Keywords in this paragraph--We made an appointment(i.e. date/time/place).

It is now the following Tuesday, the day I have been anticipating since, well...Dec. 3. I'm getting my computer. I'm leaving work early, driving more than halfway to meet this person, offered to buy him a drink(Starbucks, folks). Our meeting time was for 3pm. I leave work at 1pm, arrive at destination at 2:45pm. I get an email asking for my phone number(Igiveit), and he told me that he was running late and it would be 5:00 before he could arrive. Um ok. By the way, this whole time(2months)..I was nothing but patient and polite..even on this day I remained calm. I was excited about getting a computer. Fast forward two hours later to 5pm, I havent heard from this person..I get an email saying he was on his way. I'm in Starbucks meeting new people and staring at the wall. At 6Pm I get an email(has anyone noticed that I'm not getting phone calls, but emails?), saying for me to go home b/c he got lost. Patience then reached an all time low of 0%. I leave my job at 1pm(I'm on hourly pay, so I dont get paid for taking that time off), I drive a total of 4hours round trip for nothing(gas is high), my wife was cooking a meal(i should have been home at 5ish since the meeting was at 3), I get home at 8PM. We'll just leave it at that.

Two days later, Thursday, my laptop arrives in the mail. At this point, I didnt even want it haha. Sure enough, its dinged and knicked(it had definitely been dropped, which is why Apple wouldnt fix this computer...Apple doesnt cover accidental damage). Sure enough, it cuts slam off when you unplug the power cord. I knew this when I bought it..Im just restating it. Since this person had tried a new battery and power cord, and after a ton of research on my part(I had plenty of time, right?), I knew this wouldnt be an easy fix if it could be fixed at all. I get this random idea on Friday to see if my wonderful wife Megan would want to go to Charlotte for a visit to the Apple store, as well as some dinner and shopping. She agreed. I wanted to just try my luck and see if Apple could do anything for me, although I didnt have high hopes.

We arrive at the Genius Bar and I explain to the Apple guy the situation. We spend over an hour and a half at this genius bar. We did a bunch of things. Here is a recap. He tells us that the person I bought the laptop from still had Applecare coverage left. Yes. This is a beautiful thing. However, when he saw the ding on the laptop that clearly indicated it had been dropped...he made one of "those" faces. Remember, Apple doesnt fix accidental drops. He made the conclusion that a good battery works, and the power cord works, but somewhere in between the two there is an issue. By the way, this usually means the big $$$ items in the laptop. He said that if they shipped it off, then the repair people would decide if they would fix it since it was dropped, and said more than likely they'll turn it down. (Remember how the person I bought it from said Apple wanted to charge them big bucks to fix it?). He then asked if we would excuse him while he goes and speaks with his manager. Sure we will. We love waiting. He comes back and long story short, he tells me that they will send the laptop off to get fixed and that all the charges to it, Apple will take care of it. WHAT?? Are you kidding me? I didnt even have a word to say to this guy. Incredible. He started naming off things he thought would need to be fixed internally. I then place everything on the computer on my new portable hard drive, and handed it to the Apple guy to be shipped off.

So, now its time for the conclusion. I get the laptop in the mail a few days later. I open it up and look at the computer, then look at the bill where they explain what they replaced...all I do then is sit in my chair and smile with unbelief. Apple pretty much gave me a brand new Macbook Pro. They replaced the logic board, the hard drive, and ton of other things...and completely replaced the casing and screen. Well over $1000 of replacements. After all of the drama and crap I went through for almost two months, the end result is practically a brand new Macbook Pro. Call it what you want, but Megan and I drove away from the Southpark Mall that night rejoicing over what had just happened. We couldnt believe it at all. We truly believed that the Lord rewarded me for my patience and rewarded me for not saying things that I wanted to say and do things that I wanted to do. I know that might sound silly, but we believed it to be true. And this is all the more reason that I chose not to vent and bash this person, b/c in the end I was the one who came out for the better. This person never gave me the $200, nor do I think that he will. I have stopped emailing him b/c its not worth it. He gave me his word, and up until now his word hasnt held up. So now I sit here on my couch typing this story on my new Macbook Pro, no marks, no scratches, and no power cord hooked up.

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