Monday AM Thoughts


-Had a great morning at Crossroads yesterday. It was good to be there.
-My wife is going to start doing some work in the children's ministry. She'll be good at that for sure.
-Im really tired for some reason today.
-Really enjoyed watching the UNC vs. Clemson game last night. Clemson should have won the game...but they didnt. I like UNC basketball.
-Had a great weekend just hanging out, no agenda.
-Went to a memorial service for Jimmy Ray yesterday. I grew up with their family. Matt, the middle son, was one of my best friends growing up and in church. Im praying for them.
-Tried out the new grill last night. I believe my first steaks were a success. I think that the grill will get used quite a bit.
-I love our house. Just being out on the porch last night, and overlooking our backyard and the woods. Im thankful.
-Went to take the dog out yesterday, noticed smoke and fire across the street(a house for sale, no one lives there). A pine tree had definitely fallen over, snapped the power line(which was laying in the street along with the huge pine tree), and started a fire and the wind was blowing it all over the yard. It took forever for the Fire dpt. to get there, even though they are literally 30 seconds from my house haha. Maybe they were watching the Pro Bowl or something.
-The fire brought out all the neighbors, so we finally got to meet our neighbors and all.
-I bought a shop-vac with a Sears gift card I had. Everyone needs a shop vac.
-CRCC has a new website. Its pretty sweet. Its amazing how many people are at Crossroads from coming across their website.
-Its time to go to work.

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